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Solutions That You Need With more than 30 years experience in child nutrition programs (I started on staff with San Diego Unified School District in April of 1980), as a practitioner, advocate and consultant, I have a deep understanding and convening with analysts) for every school food service study in the past five years undertaken by the Government Accountability Office (formerly General Accounting Office).

•    Association Representation / Participation on Food Distribution Team. Represents Association to a broad range of allied associations and

128183000:2016-04-30 23:02:11 performs key role in nutrition programs.

•    Co-chaired the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Working Group of the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA).
Achieved authorization for many changes (in the context of the NANA agenda) despite subjectivity of legislative changes to discretionary spending.

•    Played role in USDA’s business process reengineering initiative for commodity foods program.
Participated on CORE Team focused on food distribution for schools comprised of eight members and two facilitators: representatives of national and regional Food and Nutrition Service, Agricultural Marketing Service, Farm Service Agency, and school food service directors. Tapped as team’s reporter, drafting a total of eight published monthly reports. As a result, multiple recommendations by the team are being implemented; outcomes include: roll-out (in stages) of national commodity processing contracts; institution of “closer to the hoof” procurement; formation of expanded access to processed end-products for all schools; and more. An ancillary result includes an overall sense of improved responsiveness to school food service operators’ needs as customers.

•    Member of Management Team for national research project. Subject Matter Expert on $4 million research project with 100,000 students involved. Identified opportunities to improve children’s nutritional health through enhanced marketing of milk in schools.
Advisory Roles

•    The Community Nutrition Institute

•    Community Food and Nutrition Program

•    Nutrition Assistance Question and Answer Forum

•    Expert on Panel re: Food and Nutrition Assistance Programs

•    National School Lunch Program & School Breakfast Program.